The CND was established in 2020, with the sole purpose to highlight the development of the African continent. This US-based organization with its headquarters in Minneapolis. 


Our Causes

Building Healthy Communities

Women & Children's Rights

Construction or aid to orphanages - widowhood support - single mothers - unemployed women - poor education of girls - forums on women's rights and leadership - prevention and resolution of marital conflicts - introduction of the social insurance system.

Public Health & Health Insurance Project

Medical equipment- education and care on AIDS- cancer in women-stroke-Covid-19-life insurance-health insurance-education for health-hygiene and nutrition

Environmental Sanitation Project

Road maintenance - environmental maintenance - Insalubrity - housing - construction of bus stations (contact constructor partners) construction of motorways - construction of roads - construction of bus stations - clean environment - sanitation, names and addresses of streets.

Economic Well Being

Drive investors to Côte d'Ivoire to assist Ivorian women and youth

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